Communication Centre

Inclusion at its best

The Communication Centre at King Charles is based on the Borrington and Hillgrove Sites. Both centres provide effective and incredibly successful working environments, specialist resources and teaching for students with autism and specific language difficulties.

Each have three classrooms that share a social skills area. The social area is the hub of the centres and students are encouraged to invite mainstream friends in, cook their own lunches and engage in social activities. The centres are self-contained having toilets, an area for students to change for PE, meeting/chill rooms, multimedia rooms and quiet areas where students can work on their own or with visiting professionals.

We are a ‘centre without walls’ whereby inclusiveness is promoted at all levels and seen as a two way process that involves all staff and students throughout school.

The focus is on the individual, enabling appropriately supported participation in the mainstream school according to needs, abilities and strengths. Students who are allocated places are expected to work towards attending mainstream classes or at least 60% of their timetable, as our role is to act as a stepping stone into the main body of the school.

Essential elements of the provision are:

  • Specialist teaching and support staff to help plan and support the students’ time in mainstream settings and to deliver supplementary programmes of work
  • Rooms that provide a safe haven away from the pressures of the mainstream
  • An autism friendly environment that reduces sensory discomfort
  • Bases for individual and small group teaching
  • Delivery of a personalised curriculum to meet special needs
  • Specialist teachers who plan, differentiate, deliver and assess lessons; tailored to individual student needs and strengths
  • Access to specialist resources
  • Close working relationships with parents
  • Training and support for all school staff in areas of autism and speech and language difficulties
  • Close links with local authority services to ensure continuity of care and education for all students

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