King Charles I School is fully committed to Raising Achievement through Engagement. We believe that, by engaging our pupils in all aspects of the school we will motivate them to fulfil their potential. The prime aim of King Charles I School is to offer to all our pupils the very best educational experience possible. The courses offered at all levels endeavour to enhance students’ learning, attainment and achievement whilst challenging them to develop insight and independence of thought and help them become:

  • successful lifelong learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society

Our courses in Years 7 to 11 comply with the requirements of the National Curriculum. The curriculum is reviewed each year.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

  • At Key Stage 3 we provide a curriculum designed not only to develop students’ knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects but also to enable them to develop the skills required to become independent learners throughout the rest of their time in school and beyond. The students are placed in two parallel ability half year groups. The only subjects that set in Key Stage 3 are English, mathematics, science, modern foreign languages and design & technology.
  • The timetable for Key Stage 3 is based on a two-week cycle and comprises of a 25 period week with 5 periods per day (3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). Each period lasts one hour and lessons are in single periods, except design & technology.
  • We offer the following courses at Key Stage 3: English, mathematics, science, physical, education, computer science, MFL, art, music, geography, history, RE, PSE, design & technology and drama.
  • All students in Year 7 study German as their modern foreign language, with sets 1, 2 and 3 also studying French.
  • All students in Year 8 study French as their modern foreign language, with sets 1 and 2 also studying German.
  • All students in Year 9 study French, with set 1 also studying German.
  • Students in Year 9 are taught a curriculum designed to prepare them for their Key Stage 4 studies. The vast majority of courses complete the Key Stage 3 curriculum but English, mathematics, science and RE start their GCSE courses at the beginning of Year 9.

Year 9 options

Students and their parent/carers often ask for clear information, advice and guidance when choosing Key Stage 4 courses during the spring term in Year 9. We are keen that all our students succeed and so your son/daughter’s teacher(s) will be consulted. Their professional judgment and experience will help us make sure that the most suitable subjects have been selected. To help support the process all students will have an individual information, advice and guidance interview.

From September 2016 all students will study English, mathematics, science, history or geography, a modern foreign language, religious education, PE and PSE during Years 10 and 11. These are known as the core subjects. Students will then choose 2 other subjects and this makes 10 GCSE subjects. We are delighted that all students will be able to study:

  • a modern foreign language as there is increasingly more evidence that employers are looking for competence in languages in today’s globalised world; and
  • a humanity (history or geography) as essay writing skills are vitally important preparation for A Level courses, employment and university courses.

There is clear evidence to show that a student’s life chances will be dramatically improved by achieving good progress across at least eight subjects. The government have made changes to the raising of the participation age (RPA) which has now increased to 18. This means that students will be expected to remain in some form of education (school, college or apprenticeship) to age 18. This makes the need to achieve their potential in all their subjects including English and mathematics at Key Stage 4 even more vital.

We are constantly reviewing our curriculum so that it provides breadth and depth and gives our students a variety of experiences and the opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills in different areas. It is essential that all our students study the core academic subjects at GCSE, the subjects that keep their options open, and allow them to enter the widest ranges of careers and university courses. Which means getting good GCSE passes in English, mathematics, sciences, history or geography and a modern foreign language.

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