What time does my son/daughter need to be in school?

Registration begins at 8.40am. If a student arrives late without an appropriate reason (for example a medical appointment, supported by a letter or appointment card) they will be expected to serve a 10 minute late detention. If a student is marked as late twice in a week then they will be placed in an after school detention which takes place between 3.20pm and 4.00 pm. For three or more lates in a week, the student will be placed in school detention which takes place on a Friday between 3.20pm and 5.00 pm.

What should my son/daughter do if they arrive late to school after registration?

Up until the end of registration, students should go to their tutor room where their tutor will mark them as late. After that they should go to the Attendance Office (Hillgrove site) or reception (Borrington site) where they will be registered as late.

What number do I ring if my son/daughter is ill?

Please ring 01562 512880 by 9:00am on the day your son/daughter is ill and again for any subsequent day’s absence.

What do I do when my son/daughter returns to school after an illness?

Please provide a signed absence note on the first day your son/daughter returns to school after an illness. Your son/daughter should give this to his/her form tutor.

What should my son/daughter do if they feel ill during the school day?

They should tell their teacher straightaway. They may be sent to the Attendance Office (Hillgrove site) or reception (Borrington site) where a trained first aider will take care of them. If they are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary then parents/carers will be contacted to make suitable arrangements. This is why it is so important we have up to date emergency contact numbers.  Under no circumstances should they leave the school, contact their parents/carers themselves on a mobile or go home without permission.

Who do I write to if I need to take my son/daughter out of school for medical reasons?

Please send a note to your son/daughter’s form tutor requesting absence for medical/dental appointments 48 hours in advance.

Who should my son/daughter see if they have to leave school for an appointment?

Your son/daughter needs to see their head of year who will sign an Exeat which must be handed in at the Attendance Office (Hillgrove Site) or reception (Borrington Site) before they leave school for an appointment.

Can my son/daughter bring medicines to school?

Students are not allowed to carry their own prescribed medicines, with the exception of inhalers, epipens and insulin. All prescribed medicines can only be administered to students under 16 years with parents/carers written permission.  Prescribed medicines can only be accepted if they are in date, labelled, provided in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy and include instructions for administration, dosage and storage. The school will keep prescribed medicines securely stored at main reception. Named staff have access to this storage. A record is kept, and countersigned, of all medicines administered.

What am I looking for in the planner? When should I sign it?

All homework tasks and their deadlines should be recorded in the planner. Subject teachers and tutors also use the planner as a way of communicating with parents/carers. The planner should be signed on a weekly basis by parents/carers and form tutors.

Who should I contact if my personal details change?

If your personal details change you need to write to your son/daughter’s head of year giving the new information.

How do I speak to my son/daughter’s form tutor?

Please telephone the main reception. A message will be sent to the form tutor. Alternatively, you could send in a letter or put a request in your son/daughter’s planner.  Please note that it may not always be possible to speak to the form tutor immediately due to teaching commitments but we will contact you within 24 hours.

Who should I contact first if I want to discuss a confidential matter about my son/daughter?

Please contact your son/daughter’s form tutor to discuss the matter in the first instance. If it is highly confidential or of a sensitive nature, please contact your son/daughter’s head of year. Please note that it may not always be possible to contact the head of year immediately due to teaching commitments but we will contact you within 24 hours.

Who should I contact first if I want to discuss my son/daughter’s progress in a subject?

Please contact your son/daughter’s subject teacher to discuss the matter in the first instance. A message will also be sent to the relevant head of department. Please note that it may not always be possible to contact the subject teacher or head of department immediately due to teaching commitments but we will contact you within 24 hours.

What if I need to pass on an urgent message to my son/daughter?

Please contact the school switchboard (01562 512880) and we will pass the message on immediately.  The email addresses of all middle and senior leaders are to be found on the school website on the contact link.

What notice will I receive if my son/daughter is placed in an after school detention?

If your son/daughter is placed in an after school detention we give parents/carers 24 hours’ notice. The member of staff issuing the detention will write to you informing you of the date and reason for the detention. We ask that you sign the reply slip at the bottom of the letter to acknowledge the detention. However, we try to ensure a sanction is in place as soon as possible after an incident, so there are occasions when we may try to contact you by telephone during day, to get permission for your son/daughter to stay after school on the same day.

Does the school provide a locker for my son/daughter?

The school possesses locker accommodation for all students. If a student is allocated a locker, then a deposit of £5 for the key issued will be charged. The student is responsible for the safekeeping of the key and the condition of the locker. Loss of the key will result in the forfeit of the deposit. Deposits will be collected and returned by the head of year concerned. Damage to lockers will result in a charge made for repair/replacement.

Can my son/daughter bring valuables to school?

For reasons of security, valuables and large sums of money must not be brought into school. Monies brought in to pay for school trips etc. must be paid directly to the appropriate member of staff and not carried around the building during the school day.  If for any exceptional circumstances they do have expensive items or large sums of money in school, it should be handed to their head of year or the Attendance Office (Hillgrove site) or reception (Borrington site) for safekeeping until the end of the school day. All personal items should be clearly marked with the owner’s name and tutor group. No items of value should be left in bags or pockets in cloakrooms or changing rooms during PE lessons. The school is not responsible, or insured for, student loss, theft etc.

It is our policy to allow students to have a mobile phone with them in school should they choose to do so under the conditions outlined in the ‘Mobile phone, MP3 player and Games Console policy’. The school cannot accept any responsibility for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) relating to mobile devices, nor for theft, loss or damage to any other valuable item, or for the theft or loss of money. It is the responsibility of parents/carers and students to ensure mobile phones and other valuables are insured. During PE lessons, or other times when the phone needs to be kept secure, students should keep their phones in the lockers that they have been provided with. 

Does the school operate a lost property system?

Finds and losses should be reported to the Attendance Office (Hillgrove site) or reception (Borrington site) without delay. Property left about the school premises during holidays will be disposed of. 

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