On Friday 3rd February 2017, a group of Year 10 GCSE music students and aspiring Year 9 music students, took a trip to the ‘Oscars’ held at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. We had the opportunity to broaden and enhance our knowledge and understanding of the music we are studying, by listening to the incredible work of ‘John Williams’: Friday Night Classics.  The concert celebrated the prestigious career of John Williams – with over 50 nominations and 5 awards, no movie composer has conquered the Oscars like Williams. The only person who has been nominated for more awards is Walt Disney! With acclaimed scores from Star Wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Fiddler on the Roof, War Horse and Harry Potter, we witnessed some of our movie favourite’s spring to life in front of us- in a concert full of canorous melody. Seeing a live orchestra (some of us for the first time) opened our eyes, more widely, to the mystic world of music set in the Symphony Hall. The experience we gained from our visit to the ‘Oscars’ has provided us with greater understanding of the unit we studied and, for many, it has consolidated our love of music; making us truly appreciate the reasons we opted to take music GCSE.

- Holly Fisher and Jasmine Morris

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