Upon our arrival at Derby University we were greeted by five hospitable and friendly mentors. These mentors, along-side their degrees, work with young people and/or new people visiting or starting at the university. Their main role is to make people feel welcome and to give visitors an informative experience at the university and to make them aware, not just of the university but what different techniques there are to help improve and better learning and revision.

To begin with after a short welcome to the university the mentors took us to a class room environment where we discovered and elaborated on our knowledge of our learning styles i.e. kinaesthetic, visual or audio. Expanding upon this we briefly looked at ways in which we could help concentrate and develop our learning strategies in relation to individual styles. We then went on to look around the campus where we were given the opportunity to look at the facilities. At each different facility we had a concise and engaging talk about what happens on different courses.

We then went to lunch and had the chance to watch a debate for new members of the student union. After lunch, we had another work shop exploring how to organise your revision looking at prioritising your tasks. In order to explain and help develop how to do this we played a number of proactive and exciting games like a race to complete a number of pointed activities to show us how we naturally prioritise.

In short, it was a fun, engaging, exciting and informative day that taught us all great amounts, thanks to the kind and hard work of the mentors at Derby University.

-Harrison Yafai - 10Q3

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