From November to January, 5 Year 7 students and 7 Year 8 students took part in The Scholars Programme, which is run by the Brilliant Club. It started with a launch trip to Warwick University, where we had a tour of the campus, a question and answer session with some of the current students, a study skills session and our first meeting with our PhD tutor.  The project lasted 6 weeks, and over that time we had a weekly meeting with our tutor. The whole project was studied university-style, and we learnt how to critically analyse sources, judge reliable sources and how to gather information for an assignment. Our course was a Key Stage 3 one about Ebola and viruses. All our tutorials built up to a 1500-word final assignment. It was marked like a university dissertation, with the top grade being a 1st, then a 2:1, a 2:2 and a 3rd. Everyone achieved a 2:2 or above, which was excellent.

On Saturday 4th February, 6 out of the 12 students who took part from our school attended a graduation at the University of Nottingham. This time parents were able to attend, and the day went very much like the launch trip, with a formal graduation ceremony at the end. Several schools from around the Midlands were there, and we got to wear the special hats, mortarboards. It was a great day, and the hard work really paid off when we got our results back!

The Scholars Programme was a great opportunity, although it was really hard work! We all enjoyed the programme, and it opened our eyes to the opportunities going to university holds.

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