On Thursday 2nd March 2017, four Year 9 girls took part in the CyberFirst 2017 competition. The aim of the competition was to test our code-cracking knowledge in a series of rather complex challenges! Some included changing some code into binary to find a hidden message, understanding encryption techniques and even finding out where someone lives using IP addresses!

The four girls who took part were:

  • Caitlin Lavelle
  • Emily Thomas
  • Rebecca Swann
  • Jessica Heath

Considering that they only had two hours to complete all of the tasks (and some of the tasks were at what I would class as degree-level work!!), the progress made was phenomenal. Other schools had a whole week on this, but when you think about the amount of time the girls had, their achievements become all the more impressive!

Computing is not just about programming – it’s about problem-solving. Problems exist in every walk of life and understanding the way that we approach these problems and overcome them could not be more important. As well as this, Computing is not just for the boys! The four girls who attended this competition are clear proof that Computing is for everyone.

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