As a school, we feel it is crucial to celebrate World Book Day and all the fun it can bring. This year it was no different and the King Charles I school community went all out once again!

Our English department saw this as a prime opportunity to become their favourite book characters for the day! Mrs. Perry was the Queen of Hearts, and Mr. Yates became the mad hatter! (Not much of a change eh?). This wasn’t all that happened on the English departments favourite day of the year. Two competitions were also held! One was to create a literary-themed cake, and the other was to create a mini literacy world inside a shoebox!

These competitions were advertised all over the school, and students definitely took notice. At the end of the cake-sale, we raised a whopping £61.60! Amazing! Then on World Book Day itself, small competitions were held in the library. In total, 47 students handed in entries! The top prize was a £10 book token, won by Ruby Wilson in Year 7, a fantastic prize! Every participant did get a little something, in the form of a “Keep calm and read on badge.”

Many students told us how much they enjoyed World Book Day at King Charles, here is what some of them said:

  • For starters, the English teachers enjoyed dressing up as fictional characters – like Mary Poppins and Little Red Riding Hood. For the main course, there were 5 enjoyable activities in the library – like the 6-word story and a poem one.  For dessert, there was a cake sale in the hall which was popular.  Overall, it was a fantastic day!
- Maddison Philpotts, 7C1
  • World Book day was very interesting and fun because we did many different activities in the library such as map drawing, 6 word stories etc. Ela and I enjoyed it very much as we drew a map of The Hunger Games.  This day influenced me and may other pupils to read different books from the library.
- Mia Neri, 7C1 and Ela Gormusoglu, 7Q1
  • World book day at King Charles was filled with fun and great games to play with friends. We had poetry competitions and the 6-word story.  A bake sale was held to help fight against cancer with fun cake ideas.
- Joshua Hughes, 7B2

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