Year 10 health and social care students have been busy planning and completing ‘role play’ activities for elderly people at a day centre and young adults at a day unit.

Our task was to plan two different activities that would be suitable for the people who use the Elmer Vale Day Centre, but taking into consideration their different needs and conditions. This was part of our health and social care level 2 coursework; assignment 2.

Overall, as a class, there were a variety of activities that were being planned. This included scrabble, bingo, snakes and ladders, card making and cake decorating. My group decided to do scrabble and card making.

These activities had to be adapted for: elderly people who were either deaf, blind, or suffered from dementia or Parkinson’s disease, and young adults who had Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy or spina bifida.


This image shows how we adapted the activity specifically for Joe who was blind. We made the scrabble pieces as braille so that he was still able to tell what the letters were.

In this image, it shows how carers will be assisting the service users when carrying out the activities. For example, Bernard has Parkinson’s disease, so if he starts shaking, then someone will be able to help and guide him.

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