Every half term, a group of representatives from each year group gather on the Hillgrove site to discuss the issues that students have raised in tutorial. The form representatives feed back to the main representatives who raise the ideas in the meeting. Each meeting has a few different key topics for us to talk about. The ideas that are brought up go to senior staff to be considered and possibly actioned. It is our opportunity to have our say and have our voice heard.

Our main focus at the moment is ‘Healthy Schools’. We are entering a national competition whereby students campaign to make a difference to some element of school life and we have chosen this since we believe that this will make a real difference to students’ health and their life beyond school. Already, the salad bar and fruit choices in the canteen have improved down to our suggestions; our next job is to educate our peers as to the benefits of healthy choices. Some of the ideas that we have come up with include posters and a traffic light system similar to that used in supermarkets so that students can make informed choices. We are also planning on making a video to advise and inform students on the impact of healthy choices on your life.

- Reported by Alex Tyler, Rosie Chadwick    

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