Preparations are going well for the mock trials event which is to take place on Saturday 25th March at Worcester Magistrate Court. On the day, our prosecution team and defence team, comprised of Year 9 students, will compete with teams from other schools.

We will also be entering the court reporter and court artist aspect of the day.

Court Reporter rehearsal

The day of Bek Lejohn came to a close today, at Worcester Court, after being accused of domestic burglary.  Bek Lejohn, represented by Rosie Dearlove and Gorgi Makazliev pleaded not guilty.  The prosecutor, Rowan Brown, claimed that Mr Lejohn stole the Playstation from her living room while she was doing work in her room upstairs.  As she stood before the defence, she looked confidently at Ms Dearlove, adamant that it was Mr Lejohn who was in her house that day.

The second prosecution witness, Nurse Nik Jenkinson, saw the commotion from far off, yet she has been lead to believe Bek Lejohn was one of the three offenders running down the street, as she told the court, “I heard someone shout ‘Stop, Bek!’”

On the morning of the “robbery”, according to the office worker from Bek Lejohn’s school, he had handed in a note signed by a parent to leave school for a dental appointment.  While being questioned by Mr Stokes, Mr Lejohn revealed to the court that he forged his father’s signature, and did not have a dental appointment. 

The final witness, the offenders father, Tye Lejohn, was called to the stand, and Ms Dearlove unveiled that he had been diagnosed with depression; Bek had returned home to check on his wellbeing.  However, when examined by Mr Ashdown, it came to light Tye Lejohn’s timings were slightly different to those the other witnesses had given; perhaps due to the side effects caused by the medication prescribed by the doctors for his depression.  This leaves the magistrates with just one stable witness vouching for Bek’s innocence – yet, this does not make him a reliable source, as he is the one being accused.

The legal adviser, Rebecca Swann, finished by summing up the case and the magistrates, Caitlin Lavelle, Ryan Cahill and Peter Heraty, went to decide Bek Lejohn’s fate.

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