On Monday 25th September 2017, the ‘Onatti’ French theatre company came to the Borrington site to perform in French for our Year 7 students.

After the resounding success of previous years’ performances, we decided to invite a theatre group to school this year too. The play was based on situations that our students could relate to and there was a lot of laughter! You could see by their reactions and anticipation that students were following the plot. The music had them dancing, and numerous students were invited to answer questions and even to get up on stage with the actors and help with the performance: they were focussed and extremely good sports, and it was a fantastic event.

Roll on March, when we will have a German theatre visit – it should be loads of fun!

Student feedback:

Will: ‘’It was really interesting to see how much I understood, even though I thought I wouldn’t!’’

Max: ‘’How they used their gestures to make us understand was great!’’

Bethany: ‘’I liked the characters – their personalities were so lively and energetic’’

Frankie: ‘’There were so many cognates you could understand, words you didn’t even know you knew!’’

Mason: ‘’I really liked the play because they were funny and got everyone involved. I would like to see more.’’

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