The Berlin trip started on October 20th 2017 after a half day at school with much excitement and expectation. We got onto the bus and headed toward the Euro tunnel. The first thing we did after arrival was travel to the Hauptbahnhof (central station). From here, we went on a tour around Berlin, seeing the Reichstag, and visiting a few memorials to the fallen soldiers as well as a large memorial for the Jews who died during the war. It consisted of lots of concrete blocks, each one unique by certain dimensions be it length, width or height. Walking around them is like a maze as you seem to lose your way but never lose sight of a way out and it is really a once in a lifetime thing to see. After we moved on and saw the Brandenburg gate, a large stone archway connected to a gate.

The next day we went to the Olympic stadium during the day, getting a tour throughout the stadium and seeing the places where the head of the Nazis would have sat and watched the games. We then went into the Berlin underground where we saw an air raid shelter and other artefacts from the wartime such as bomb casings, old guns and old military costumes.  We spent some time there before getting back on the coach. Later that evening we visited the TV tower a large tower with a bar at the top that rotates 360 degrees per hour.

We also visited Sachsenhausen, a concentration camp near Berlin. Whilst there we saw many things that happened there, including the fact that it was one camp that used forced labour in the form of the prisoners testing shoes out on the track. We also visited the Topography of Terror, a museum that showed the history of the Nazi regime and the terror the imposed all throughout Germany.

-Alex Potter

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