Aston University

Anna Louise from Aston University spoke to Yr7 to 10 students this month. The purpose of this talk was to raise the students at KC1s aspirations, showing the students that everyone has the ability to excel in life if they are willing to put in the hard work. The students eagerly asked Anna Louise a wide variety of questions and left the talk with new knowledge about University life. Many students are now very excited to visit Aston University in the Spring term.

Cambridge University

Dr Mark King from Cambridge University has delivered small group workshops to our entitlement pledge students across year 9 to 11 this term, along with three sixth form students who are all aspiring to attend Russell Group Universities in the near future. The students will be working with Dr Mark King again in the new term as we have a planned visit to Cambridge University. The students left the workshop with ambitions to aim high and aim for a place at a top University.

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