Handball is an upcoming sport that has featured in our King Charles extra-curricular activities for a number of years now. The game requires teams to pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. The catch is, teams can run with or dribble with the ball meaning that Handball is extremely quick-paced. We took one boys’ team and one girls’ team to the Handball competition held at Wolverley CE High School. Although both teams were relatively new to the game, they did not appear to be beginners and showed excellent determination to apply their newfound skills in a competitive situation. The two teams came 2nd in their relative competitions that included teams from Bewdley High School, Stourport High School and Wolverley CE High School. We would like to congratulate our teams on their success.

Boys: Jakob Holland, Mass Neri, George Wilcox, Max Wilcox, James O’Neill, Peter Heraty, Jack Dunn

Girls: Holly Tandy Smith, Emily Davies, Erin Bell, Kara Kang, Maddie Taylor, Morgan Wright, Hettie Gough, Jorja Hope



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