Adele Butler, Amelia Hopkins, Teagan Kotla, Tilly Roberts, Gabriella Suesse, Natalie Morgan & Kaitlin Brandon driving each other up the wall.

Wednesday the 4th of July was hot and sticky, so it came as a blessed relief to be out climbing in the wilds …of West Bromwich.

Seven year 7 girls were spirited away to the heart of the Black Country for a day of brain-aching team building and muscle-wrenching rock climbing.

Whilst most of them had climbed before, it was still a new experience, as they were given expert coaching and were wearing specialist climbing “Sticky” boots, made from recycled Formula 1 racing types that are so sticky that if you press the soles together, one will hang upside down off the other, and boy, do you need them!

The team building involved a series of activities designed to make them work as part of a team as well as to solve problems that they had not met before; how can you “roll” a tennis ball across a 20-metre yard when its 1 metre off the ground…and you cannot move. How do you get 4 people across the same yard by standing on 30cm dinner plates, when you only have 3 of them?

Then it was onto the climbing, and within a few minutes, the sweat was beginning to flow and they were glad there were 1-metre deep mats to catch their fall.

They all had a fantastic time, and were, strangely, a lot quieter in the bus on the way back than they were on the way there!

(Rock and) Roll on next year!


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