Our Vision

Supporting successful futures

At King Charles I School we all work together to enable students to aim high, fulfill their potential and achieve their very best. We:

  • believe education is a life-long journey and work in partnership with local primary schools and other secondary schools to support students in moving seamlessly through early years learning into secondary education and beyond.
  • are proud to be an ambitious school.
  • acknowledge the importance and benefits to all of working collaboratively, both within school and the wider community, to achieve academic excellence and the best possible results for each and every student.
  • celebrate the high expectations we set for our students and ourselves to achieve success.

Our vision is for each young person to leave King Charles as a confident, successful, affirmed individual and valued citizen who is able to progress academically and professionally along his or her chosen path.  We are proud of our aspiration of supporting successful futures.. We support our vision and aspiration by pledging to:

  • Recognise each student as individual and unique and work to develop their individual capabilities.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Meet and aspire to exceed the aspirations of all students, based on mutual honesty and integrity in all things.
  • Provide learning that focuses on knowledge and understanding.
  • Provide teaching and mentorship of the highest quality possible and safeguard all students in our care.
  • Provide support whenever needed and celebrate each achievement, no matter how small.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial approaches and innovative thinking.
  • Promote social justice and equal opportunities for all by striving to close the socio-economic learning gap.
  • Provide opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities including sports, arts and world of work.
  • Foster and encourage positive “can-do” attitudes to learning and independent study.
  • Promote partnership learning, recognizing parents and carers as essential partners in their child’s success.
  • Challenge and inspire students to become valued and valuable citizens.
  • Set and uphold expectations for all to respect individuality, value diversity and be kind to each other.
  • Facilitate students to develop an understanding of their place in society – locally, nationally and internationally – as British Citizens and engender a culture that values the diversity and freedoms of others.
  • Foster an environment in which each student is supported, has high self-esteem, high expectations of self and …… most importantly …… enjoys education and life!

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King Charles I School
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