Sixth Form Pathways for September 2018

We are pleased to offer a wide range of courses and are confident that students can choose combinations of courses on which they are most able to succeed. However, we are constantly reviewing our curriculum so that it provides breadth and depth and gives our students a variety of experiences and the opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills in different areas. We collaborate with two outstanding schools in Hagley (Haybridge High School and Hagley Catholic High School) on our sixth form provision. We are very fortunate that all three schools are very close to the railway stations and the train journey from Kidderminster to Hagley only takes 7 minutes. The school pays for any transport costs incurred.

By collaborating with Haybridge High School and Hagley Catholic High School on their sixth form provision we are able to significantly increase the range of options available to our students. The list below shows the sixth form courses that would currently be available to our students and where they are taught. Please note that both Haybridge High School and Hagley Catholic High School offer many more courses in Years 12 and 13 and the list below shows the courses that we currently collaborate on. This information applies to the current sixth form provision and maybe subject to change between now and the start of your son/daughter’s sixth form options process.

A Levels

Art and Design (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Biology (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Business (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Chemistry (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Dance (non-facilitating) HCHS
Computer Science (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Drama and Theatre Studies (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Economics (non-facilitating) HHS
English Language and Literature (non-facilitating) KCI
English Language (non-facilitating) HHS
English Literature (facilitating) HHS
Food (non-facilitating) HHS
French (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Geography (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Geology (non-facilitating) HCHS
German (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Health and Social Care (non-facilitating) HHS
History (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Law (non-facilitating) KCI
Mathematics (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Mathematics (Further) (facilitating) KCI and HHS
Media Studies (non-facilitating) HHS
Music (non-facilitating) KCI, HHS and HCHS
Music Technology (non-facilitating) HCHS and HHS
Physics (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Psychology (non-facilitating) HHS
Physical Education (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Philosophy and ethics (non-facilitating) KCI
Photography (non-facilitating) KCI
Product Design (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Religious Studies (non-facilitating) HCHS
Sociology (non-facilitating) KCI and HHS
Spanish (non-facilitating) HHS



KCI - King Charles I School
HHS - Haybridge High School
HCHS - Hagley Catholic High School

Facilitating subjects

These are subjects that are required more often than others. These subjects are sometimes referred to as facilitating subjects. The Russell Group, (a university group containing the highest performing establishments) say, “They’re not essential for all courses, but picking at least two of these will help students keep their options open.”
Choosing facilitating subjects therefore leaves open a wide range of courses to you for study at university.

Further course details for Haybridge High School can be found at by visiting:

Further course details for Hagley Catholic High School can be found at by visiting:

All A Level qualification will be reformed and so all courses will be a two-year qualification with external examinations being taken at the end of the two-year period.

We are keen to ensure that all students are provided with the most appropriate advice and guidance and so we have developed a choice of pathways in our sixth form. The following pathways are in place to help guide students to the appropriate choice of course for their future.

Russell Group Pathway

For students wishing to study up to four subjects, including up to 4 from the list of facilitating subjects.

Entry requirements

  • A minimum of 5 GCSE passes in separate subjects at grade 9-7 or A*-A.
  • GCSE English language and mathematics at grade 9-4.
  • Subject specific entrance requirements as detailed on our website.

Please note the following guidance

  • GCSE English language and English literature count as two different subjects.
  • GCSE trilogy combined science count as two different subjects.
  • Grades from BTEC qualifications do not count towards the entry requirements.

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