Teaching and Learning

All teachers teach highly effective lessons enabling all students:

  • to be excellent learners
  • to be self-motivated, resilient and articulate
  • to fulfil their potential

At King Charles I School teachers have high expectations and demonstrate excellent relationships with students establishing clear routines and boundaries that focus and shape learning behaviours.

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The curriculum that your son/daughter is now following is knowledge based and the examinations that they will be take will be at the end of their course. With these changes it has become increasingly important for your son/daughter to complete learning homework on a regular basis. Using the right strategies when learning and revising is essential and a group of educational researchers, called the Learning Scientists, have identified 6 key strategies that are proven by science to improve learning. These strategies are:

      • Retrieval
      • Spaced Practice
      • Dual coding
      • Elaboration
      • Interleaving
      • Concrete examples

During this term we will be teaching students how to use these strategies in order to support them when learning and revising. Please click on the link below to read about the different strategies and how to use them.

‘How to learn’ strategies

You can support your son/daughter by talking to them about these strategies and helping them to put them into practice when completing learning homework and revising for tests.

For further information, please click on the link below:
Learning Scientists

The link will take you to the Learning Scientists website where you will find articles and research about how best to support your son/daughter with their learning.

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