The Four Stones MAT

In April 2018 the Governors proposed to form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) known as The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust with Haybridge High School & Sixth Form. As you know a consultation period ran from Wednesday 25thApril 2018 until Thursday 24thMay 2018 and we received many useful comments, questions and suggestions. After very careful consideration, the Governors resolved to proceed with their proposal to The Four Stones MAT with Haybridge High School & Sixth Form.
Our application to form a MAT with Haybridge High School & Sixth Form was considered by the local headteacher board on Thursday 12thJuly. I am delighted to announce that we were given permission to proceed and we are now aiming to form The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust on 1stNovember 2018.
The Governors of both schools are excited by the opportunity of forming The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust and believe that the two schools working together will benefit the students and staff in both schools and in our wider community generally.
What is a MAT?
A MAT is a group of Academies which have joined together to work outside of Local Authority control. A MAT is a single legal entity with one set of Trustees under which schools operate collaboratively, but with considerable freedom to maintain their own character and ethos, for example a religious affiliation or none. All schools within the MAT share a common vision and work together to improve the educational experience and outcomes for all their students.
A vision for The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust
The core and defining purpose of The Four Stones Multi Academy Trustwill be to ensure that every day, every students’ education in the MAT is the best that it can be.  The Four Stones Multi Academy Trustwill: 

  • bring together a group of like minded schools which will combine to improve the education and life chances of a larger group of young people
  • work as a group of schools to offer a broad, balanced and inspiring subject offer up to both GCSE and A level with a focus on an academic suite of subjects, aspiring to the highest levels of progress and attainment, and building a reputation for excellence
  • offer the best in pastoral care and extracurricular provision for students to learn to be resilient, tolerant and caring citizens who are inspired by their educational experiences to leave the MAT as lifelong learners
  • be characterised by integrity, a respect for member schools individuality and a commitment to staff professional development, wellbeing and retention. The Teaching School and SCITT will provide professional development opportunities at a local and national level as well as high quality entrants into the teaching profession
  • work to maintain and improve the physical and financial resources of the MAT, to ensure the best use of resources in pursuit of the best educational provision, and to support the MAT as a robust entity into the future
  • aspire to an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted for all member schools
  • react to the rapidly changing dynamics of education, taking opportunities to embrace and excel in a school-led system for the benefit of the students and schools in its care

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