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All grants made to the school have been made possible by past donations from parents and others.

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The Appeal Trust is a registered charity set up in 1991 which is specifically aimed at providing extras for your son/ daughter's education. It is supported jointly by the Headteacher, Parents, and Governing Body.

The money raised is used to provide facilities which the Government does not normally fund. All of the money collected is used for purchases for the school, aiming to benefit as many students as possible.

Donations come directly from you as parents and careers, and from fundraising activities within school.

With your help - no matter how big or small - we can continue to provide equipment and events to benefit the whole school.

Our theme for 2017 bids was team building and inclusivity.

We are pleased to say that we were able to grant awards to either fully fund or partly fund the activities listed below. You can also see some of the comments from students and teachers.

  • New year 7 to attend Closer To The Edge activity centre at Baggeridge Country Park
    "I was scared but I had a go"
    "The instructors were really helpful and supportive"
  • Science activity day for year 8 to put into practice and consolidate ideas about renewable energy
    "I really liked it because it was interesting to put the panels on the windmill and see how it can be made to go faster, more panels did not always mean it went faster."
  • A business enterprise day for year 9 that saw them creating and marketing a product that they thought would change the world for the better.
    "Students certainly rose to the challenge and demonstrated a competence in employability skills such as, problem solving, adaptability and team work. I am incredibly proud to say that every single group stood up to present their ideas, whether it was to pitch the ideas, demonstrate the product or simply to hold the presentation board"
  • The Onatti French theatre company to perform in French
    "It was really interesting to see how much I understood, even though I thought I wouldn’t!"
  • A reading book for all new year 7 students to read over the summer before they started at King Charles.
    "I don’t enjoy reading that much, but I actually quite like the book so far"
  • Year 10 Poetry workshop with poet Spoz
    "Spoz enthused, impressed and inspired our students, and allowed them to combine their knowledge of poetry with a new passion for understanding the rhythmic and literary features used to create thematic poems.
    The Year 10 cohort thoroughly enjoyed the day and several groups have continued to write poetry that revolves around a theme using the skills developed in the workshop. "
  • Samba workshop for all year 7 students
    "Students were shown how to play each instrument and were taught a series of rhythms, calls and responses and typical dance moves which culminated in a final class performance. Students were even able to try out the typical Brazilian dress used within carnivals. An excellent experience for all students!"
  • Tickets for year 11 students who would not otherwise be able to attend the traditional Prom for a variety of reasons. We are pleased to say that were able to help 2 students attend the 2017 Prom.

Donations are appreciated at any time of the year and can be sent by cheque (payable to King Charles I School Appeal Trust) or by standing order.

Please click here to download the Appeal Trust donation form

For more information or to make a donation please contact the Trustees at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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