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At King Charles I School, we place a high value on preparing our students for their future lives and potential careers. We aim to provide a strategic and integral approach to careers education, information, advice and guidance, inspiring students to think more broadly about career options. Our plan is designed to equip all young people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to the next stage of education and/or training. It will provide an insight into the world of work through careers activities; engagement with local employers; work based education; enterprise events; lesson opportunities; face to face independent external career interviews; visits; university talks; apprenticeship presentations and inspirational talks from returning students.

All registered pupils at the school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 7 (11 years old) to year 13 (17-18 years old). Careers guidance is presented:

  • In an impartial manner
  • Includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways
  • Guidance will promote the best interests of the students to whom it is given.

In order to measure and assess the impact of our career’s programme, we use a range of indicators such as GCSE and A Level outcomes, destinations data, Key Stage 5 retention rates and the Compass tool. The Compass tool is updated on a termly basis and helps us to measure our progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks. The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of eight guidelines that stipulate what makes the best careers provision in schools. Further information on the Gatsby Benchmarks can be found by clicking on the link here

For further information on how we are ensuring that all of our students acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to manage their learning and career progression please see our School Career Strategy and Action Plan by clicking here. This document is reviewed and updated on termly basis.

Education and Training Providers

The Careers Education and Guidance within King Charles I School and Sixth Form is greatly enhanced through links with a number of partners who help the school to provide up to date information on all education and training providers within the local area. As well as the strong links with Worcester Apprenticeship Hub and local FE and HE colleges, the school constantly strives to expand and improve links with employers and other local groups. This involvement includes the provision of work experience placements, focus groups, assembly talks, careers workshops and mock interview sessions.

Further information about this can be found by clicking on the link here where you can view our School Provider Access Policy.

External Career Advisor Support

We have a strong ongoing programme of external Careers Education Advice, Information and Guidance (CEIAG). Our students continue to benefit from a fully qualified and experienced external careers adviser, Sally Beech. All Year 11 students are provided with one, two or three individual interviews and Year 12 and 13 students can book appointments for those who require it but specifically those not pursuing a Higher Education pathway.

For further information about Post 16 options please click here to access our ‘Beyond 16: A guide to your post-16 options and career planning 2020/21'

If you wish to contact someone at the school about working with us in the future, or other similar matters please do so; we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Melanie Thomas at the school address, 01562 512880 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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