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As a school, we pride ourselves of giving every student the opportunity to outshine and be the best they can.  We provide a diverse range opportunities and experiences, which equips and prepares students with the social and cultural capital needed to compete.  We believe it is about instilling knowledge, sparking curiosity, building confidence and broadening horizons. As well as an excellent set of academic qualifications, students need to be in a position to ‘outshine’ other students when applying for a college or university place, an apprenticeship or a job. They can do this by getting involved and immersing themselves in the wide range of opportunities offered to them at school.

Please click here to view the extra-curricular events programme.

Please note that all clubs will begin the week commencing Monday 18th January.

Due to the current situation, we are unable to offer our full range of activities. As we progress through the year, we hope to be able to increase the number of activities of offer.

If your son/daughter would like to take part in any of our extra-curricular activities, please complete the following online form. Students will not be able to attend extra-curricular clubs on an ad hoc basis and only students who have completed the form will be able to attend. Please complete the form by 8th January.

Please click here to access the sign up form.

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