What time does my son/daughter need to be in school?
All students must arrive to school and all lessons on time.

  • School begins with students lining up on the playground (at the Borrington Site) and on the field (at the Hillgrove Site) at 8.40am.
  • If a student arrives late to school or to a lesson without an appropriate reason (for example a medical appointment, supported by a letter or appointment card), they will be expected to serve a C2 detention.
  • If a student is marked as late twice in a week to school or lessons then they will be placed in a C3 detention. After that student will be placed in the Isolation Room every time that week they are marked as late to school or lessons.

What should my son/daughter do if they arrive late to school but before the end of the tutorial session?
If students arrive after 8.40am but before 9.00am, they must go to reception. 

What should my son/daughter do if they arrive late to school after 9.00am?
If students arrive after 9.00am they should sign in at reception. 

What number do I ring if my son/daughter is ill?
Please ring 01562 512880 or 07720 212721 by 9:00am on the first day your son/daughter is ill and again for any subsequent day’s absence.

What do I do when my son/daughter returns to school after an illness?
Please provide a signed absence note on the first day your son/daughter returns to school after an illness. Your son/daughter should give this to his/her form tutor. 

What should my son/daughter do if they feel ill during the school day?
They should tell their teacher straightaway. They may be sent to reception, where a trained first aider will take care of them. If they are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary then parents/carers will be contacted to make suitable arrangements. Please be aware that it is a legal requirement for us to hold at least two contacts for each student and telephone numbers that are up to date. Under no circumstances should students leave the school, contact their parents/carers themselves on a mobile phone or go home without permission.  

Who do I write to if I need to take my son/daughter out of school for medical reasons?
Please send a note to your son/daughter’s form tutor requesting absence for medical/dental appointments at least 48 hours in advance. 

Who should my son/daughter see if they have to leave school for an appointment?
Your son/daughter needs to request an exeat from their achievement leader (Miss Willis is the achievement leader for Years 7 and 8; Miss Bates and Mr West for Years 9 to 11; and Ms Hackett for Years 12 and 13). The exeat must be handed in at reception before students leave school for an appointment.

Can my son/daughter bring medicines to school?
Please refer to the ‘Supporting students with medical conditions’ policy on our website.

Who should I contact if my personal details change?
If your personal details change, please inform Julie Hardy (our ‘Administration Manager’). Alternatively, you can update your personal details using the SIMs Parent App.

Can I speak to a member of staff without making an appointment?
All our staff have teaching commitments, we are unable to see you without an appointment.  If you wish to speak to someone in person, an appointment will need to be made. The best way to do this to do this is by going to the contacts page of the website. If you are unable to do this reception are happy to send a message to the appropriate person with an outline of the enquiry.

Who should I make contact with if I want to discuss a pastoral issue (for example a confidential matter?)
Please telephone the reception desk at 01562 512880 and request an appointment with the head of year, who have designated appointment slots which can be booked. Alternatively you can email the head of year. Email addresses can be found on the school website under ‘Contact’. 

Who should I contact if I want to discuss my son/daughter’s progress in a subject?
Please contact the head of department, who will deal with the issue and direct the most appropriate person to contact you. You can use the information on the ‘Contact’ page of the school website. 

Who should I contact if I have an issue about my son/daughter’s education or an issue with the school?
Please make an appointment to discuss the issue with the relevant member of staff. The ‘Contact’ page of our website gives comprehensive guidance on which member of staff it is appropriate to contact. We strongly advise that any concerns or issues are not discussed on social media as this could be potentially damaging for our students. As a school, we discourage the use of social media to criticise and make unsubstantiated comments. 

How quickly should I expect a response when contacting the school?
We aim to respond to all queries, questions and concerns from parents/carers within 2 working days, which does not include weekends or between 6pm and 8am in the morning. Our aim is to resolve them within 5 working days. Full contact details can be found on the school website.

What if I need to pass on an urgent message to my son/daughter?
Please contact the school switchboard (01562 512880) and we will pass the message on immediately.  

Does the school provide a locker for my son/daughter?
The school has enough lockers for all students. If a student is allocated a locker, then a deposit of £5 for the key issued will be charged. The payment for this is made via ParentPay. The student is responsible for the safekeeping of the key and the condition of the locker. Loss of the key will result in the forfeit of the deposit. Damage to lockers will result in a charge being made for repair and/or replacement.

Can my son/daughter bring valuables to school?
For reasons of security, valuables and large sums of money must not be brought into school. The school does not accept any payment by cash or cheque. No items of value should be left in bags or pockets in changing rooms during PE lessons. The school is not responsible, or insured for, student loss, theft etc. 

It is our policy to allow students to have a mobile phone with them in school should they choose to do so under the conditions outlined in the ‘Mobile phone, MP3 player and Games Console policy’. The school cannot accept any responsibility for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) relating to mobile devices, nor for theft, loss or damage to any other valuable item, or for the theft or loss of money. It is the responsibility of parents/carers and students to ensure mobile phones and other valuables are insured. During PE lessons, or other times when the phone needs to be kept secure, students should keep their phones in the lockers that they have been provided with.

Does the school operate a lost property system?
Finds and losses should be reported to reception without delay. Property left about the school premises during holidays will be disposed of.  

What happens if I need to contact the school over the summer?
The school is closed over the summer holidays. However, we appreciate it can be an apprehensive time for new Year 7 students. Therefore, if you have any questions you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a response will be given as soon as possible. 

Does my son/daughter need their PE kit on the first day of term?
No. Your son/daughter will be given their timetable on the first day and will not be expected to bring their PE kit. 

Do I need to buy stationery for my son/daughter when they start in Year 7?
No. Year 7 will be provided with stationery. This includes a pencil case, scientific calculator, pen, pencil, eraser, protractor, glue stick and a ruler. 

Students in Years 8 to 11 need to provide their own equipment. Equipment is available to buy at a discounted rate on both school sites. This can be purchased from the libraries from 8.20am to 8.30am on the Borrington Site and Hillgrove Site.

What happens if the school closes during the day?
Please refer to the ‘Emergency Closures’ page on our website. Please note that it is crucial that the permissions section in the Parent-Carer Information Pack is completed to ensure we are able to send your child home in the event of a school closure. 

How do I know if my son/daughter has a detention?
For persistently or significantly disrupting learning students will be issued a C3, removed from the classroom and expected to serve a one hour detention the same day. Parents/carers will be informed of the C3 detention by telephone. 

For homework not completed on time students will be issued a C3 and expected to serve a one hour detention the following day in the designated classrooms from 2.55pm-3.55pm. Parents/carers will be informed of the C3 detention by text message. We will assume that parents/carers have received the text message.

Please refer to the behaviour for learning protocols for more detailed information.

What happens if I need to re-schedule a detention?
This should only be requested in an emergency. Any C3 detentions that are issued always take precedence over other activities (eg after-school clubs or fixtures) and appointments. All C3 detentions should be completed without negotiation. If the student does not attend a C3 detention, a day in the Isolation Room will be issued.

How do I find out what the detention was for?
The reason a detention will always be clearly stated on the detention text or telephone call that you receive as well as being available to view in the SIMS Parent App. Please refer to the policy section on the website, if you require more information regarding the reasons why sanctions and rewards are issued. 

Why do you have a behaviour policy?
We have a behaviour and rewards system so all students can learn free from disruption. We want our students to:

  • Learn in a calm and purposeful environment, where behaviour is exemplary and routines are established;
  • Be mentally and physically fit to equip them for a successful adult life; be independent and ambitious;
  • Be confident, happy and feel safe;
  • Be friendly, respectful, caring and polite; and
  • Develop resilience. 

Why do you set homework?

  • Just 1 hour a night can increase student progress from 12 months in a year to a possible 20 months
  • improves study habits – to form a habit you need persistence and resilience, students will find school easier and more enjoyable.
  • When students go on to sixth form and university, homework helps students work independently.
  • Increases retention of knowledge and ability to think critically and solve problems
  • Improves time management skills

If a student is off ill for a period of 3 days or more, we always suggest a period of time in our compulsory homework club to allow them to catch up on what they have missed.

We have a homework club on both sites until 3.55pm everyday. If you would like to book your son/daughter in please send a message to the AL who will inform the relevant HOY and staff member running the homework club.

Who do I contact if I have a question about Hegarty maths?
If you have a question about Hegarty maths, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. rather than calling reception. Hegarty tasks are designed to be completed on a daily basis for 30 minutes.

Who do I contact to report a social media incident which has happened out of school?
You can report this to the relevant head of year via the contact page on the school website. Please ensure that prior to this that abuse on line or over social media should be reported to police using the 101 number; reported to the social media provider and can be reported to CEOP. Messages should be saved as evidence. As a school we do not agree with social media use and many of our students are too young to be using it. It is a key factor in bullying and mental health issues and the safest thing to protect your child is not to use it.


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