At King Charles I School we are very fortunate that there are various organisations who provide financial assistance to our students during their time in further and higher education. The organisations are:

  • King Charles I Foundation Trust
  • Roy Woodward Educational Foundation Trust
  • Old Carolian’s Association

Last year they gave approximately £30,000 to students to support them to achieve their potential on their studies at college or university. The ‘Old Carolian’s Association’ only provide grants for the first year in higher education and students must apply by 30th September in the year they leave school. Students can apply annually to the ‘King Charles I School Foundation Trust’ and ‘Roy Woodward Educational Foundation Trust’ whilst in further and higher education.

Students can also apply to the ‘Sebrights Educational Foundation’ (further information can be on their website at and the ‘The Baldwin Bewdley Trust (further information can be found by contacting the trust directly at SGH Martineau, 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham, B4 6AA or by telephone at 0800 7631681).

We are fully committed to raising the aspirations and supporting the futures of all our students and are writing to you as a former member of the school to ask whether you would be interested and willing to be part of this process. Please click here for further details.

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