New Staff Induction Process

All new staff will receive a well planned and thorough induction programme that will provide them with a confident positive start to working as part of the King Charles I School team. In addition to highlighting procedures, policies and factual information, the induction process will allow us to share and promote our school ethos, vision and values. All appointed NQTs are offered time in school throughout June and July in order to familiarise themselves with their department and school policies and procedures. The induction programme is delivered through group sessions and includes:


  • Behaviour policy
  • Behaviour for Learning protocols
  • Behaviour management guidance for staff


  • Safeguarding procedures and policy
  • The roles of the DSL and deputy DSLs
  • Guidance on safe working practice for staff

Data protection and confidentiality

  • Data Protection Policy
  • Privacy Notice for staff
  • Confidentiality Protocols

School policies: Before staff start they will be asked to verify that they have read and understood the contents of the policies listed here.

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Keeping children safe in education
  • Safe working practice for staff in education settings
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Privacy Notice for staff
  • Confidentiality Protocols
  • Working at King Charles I School (including Code of Conduct)
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Staff ICT AUP
  • Visitors Policy and Procedures
  • Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Policy
  • Staff expenses
  • Anti-fraud and corruption
  • Gifts, inducements, hospitality and sponsorship

Teaching and learning

  • Teaching and learning handbook
  • Teaching model
  • CPD
  • Monitoring
  • Feedback
  • Homework
  • Collaborative planning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Use of data
  • SEND provision

All sessions are delivered by the relevant member of the senior leadership team. 

Discussion opportunities will allow new staff to raise any concerns s/he has about their new role, including highlighting training and development needs.   

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