On the 2nd July 2018, 56 students from King Charles I School made their way to Alton towers on the coach. The sun was beaming down and everyone was so excited. When we arrived, we were quickly registered and then we were allowed to go anywhere we wanted, but we had to check back in between 12:30 and 1:30. So, first my friends and me went straight to the newest ride called the ‘wickerman’. Luckily, the queue was only half an hour; we screamed all the way round, it was incredible! After, we started to walk towards the smiler; we bumped into Mr Parker and persuaded him to come with us. When we reached the smiler, it said the wait time was 1 hour and 5 minutes but due to a small malfunction, they had to call in some mechanics to fix the problem. Overall, we ended up waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes, in that time I was terrified of going on it and I nearly chickened out but I plucked up the courage and just did it. I am so glad I did, as it was the most fantastic ride there. Afterwards I couldn’t stop smiling, we then had some lunch. Whilst my friends went on oblivion, I went to the gift shop and when they came back, we decided we would make contact with our inner child. We went to Cbeebies land and saw Mr Tumble. I decided it was time to treat myself to an ice cream, so I waited 10 minutes to get a Mr Whippy. It was then time to leave, we had a fabulous day and I think the teachers had a fun time too!

- Emily Calvert

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