On Monday 18th March, we had another visit from the ‘Onatti’ theatre company on the Borrington site who were performing for year 7, this time in German.

The play was about two sisters, one of whom was trying to get ready for a big date whilst her younger and, as it turned out, annoying younger sister played various tricks on her to prevent her from getting to her date on time! It is a situation that most can relate to, and there was lots of fun and laughter for our year 7’s.

The students participated actively, shouting out answers in German and giving their opinions when asked!  The students were once again very positive and eager to try to understand, especially the student who went up to help with outfit choices in front of a whole year group!

A fantastic time was had by all!


Student feedback:

‘I didn’t understand some words but I still understood the premise of it by their actions and emotions. I found it quite relatable and funny too.’

‘It was pretty cool and I really liked it. I think there should be more action (pushing out of the window) and less romance (with Fernando). I liked the creepy sister.’

‘I thought that the play was really funny and how they used volunteers in the show. I understood a lot of the words in it too.’

‘I understood them by looking at their actions and searching for words similar to English.’


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