Primary Transition

We have had a busy term working with our local primary schools; Comberton, Offmore, Heronswood, St Georges and Chaddesley. We have hosted a Year 6 historical day; a creative writing event; author presentations; science experiments; art classes and textiles. We continue to work closely with our primary schools and we are already looking forward to our Transition week, which runs from Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July 2020 for all students who have been successful at gaining a place at King Charles I School.  

Historical Society

On Tuesday 10th September, Wednesday 11th September and Thursday 12th September we hosted a Year 6 history day as part of our transition programme to King Charles I School. We were thrilled to be able to invite our local feeder schools to the annual event led by the English Historical Society. Students were particularly interested in the battles that took place and the type of weapons that were used.

One Year 6 student said ‘it brought history to life’. We would like to thank both the Historical Society and primary school staff for supporting the day.

Primary Art

Year 6 students from St George’s Primary School, participated in a series of art workshops spread over six weeks. The aim was to create a three dimensional figure based on the work of Keith Haring. Students found out about Haring’s background and his work as a street artist. They began by drawing, taking inspiration from the vibrant doodles by Haring that populated the streets and subways of New York. Students then started to think about building their figures, creating a cardboard structure that was then covered in paper mache and painted in bright colours. Finally students applied drawing and mark making from the initial task to fill their figures with detail. When placed together, the individual figures created a very striking display that echoed the movement and energy of Haring’s work. It also fit in nicely with the classes theme of ‘Inside Out’ in which they have been exploring the inside and the outside of the body.


Heronswood primary school students have taken part in science workshops and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Their favourite was definitely racing maggots to work out their speed.  Drawing distance time graphs enabled them to understand how to apply the speed equation…GCSE level physics.  We are looking forward to more exciting science sessions in the future.

“Thank-you for the opportunity for us to use the science labs and we are looking forward to coming again soon”  



Comberton primary school’s Year 6 class participated in their first textiles collaboration with King Charles I School. They were asked to design and create a wall hanging for their library inspired by reading. The students were excited to design sections of the wall hanging based on their favourite book or genre.
The students were able to use equipment such as the sewing machine and enthusiastically accepted the challenge of hand embroidery to add a range of techniques to their work.

Author Visit

On Wednesday 13th November we invited our feeder schools to a presentation by author Cat Weatherill and the feedback was excellent. Year 5 and 6 students thought it was brilliant to meet and listen to a ‘real life’ writer.

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