On Friday 24th January, twenty Year 10 students taught students new skills and led a range of activities that helped primary students develop their gross motor skills. The day involved over 150 primary school students taking part in a variety of activities that helped them develop their confidence and individual skill set. That you to all Year 10 students that led and supported throughout the day!

Teacher from St George’s ‘Student X was very timid before this event and she has really grown in confidence.’

‘Friday made an impact on me for my future choices with regards to sport and leadership, as it made me feel like I can speak and do things in front of a big group of students. It has also helped me improve my communication skills between others when leading an activity.’

‘I enjoyed the leadership event on Friday and believe it has helped to improve my confidence by having the chance to lead an activity.’

‘The experience of Friday has developed my communication skills and given me an in depth understanding of how to explain a task to a younger audience, which I will be able to use in the future. I have also gained confidence in taking more responsibility, which has impacted on me to want to pursue a career that requires leadership skills.’


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