On Wednesday, Year 13 Sociology students had a trip to the Houses of Parliament to look at the processes involved in creating new laws. First thing to note: the Palace of Westminster is cold!

A chilly day and a building that is (in part) over 900 years old made for a bracing introduction to the home of modern democracy but, luckily, we were prepared!

The guide we had was exceptionally knowledgeable and gave us a run down on the history, politics and social aspects of Parliament.

Going so close to Brexit day, we feared we may have restrictions on access, but no such issues existed, and we had full access to both the chamber of the House of Commons and to the House of Lords.

The building itself is truly astonishing and we would heartily recommend a visit if you are ever in London…and it’s free!

From Parliament we walked the 2 miles to the Old Bailey before going to watch one of the 9 trials that were taking place that day. We were there for the summing up of the defence barrister in an attempted murder trial which was extremely interesting.

Overall, an excellent day!

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