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Why work at King Charles I School in The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust? 

The Four Stone Multi Academy Trust understands that happy, well-motivated and well trained teachers make the most effective teachers. Teaching is a demanding and pressured job and we are always striving to remove barriers and find ways to make life that little bit easier. Whether that’s making sure that you have time to have a cup of tea during the day or ensuring that you have access to the best professional development – it all counts! The quality of our teachers’ experience of working here is a priority for all if us. We want teachers to enjoy their time at school and thrive professionally. The following underpins our beliefs and aims:

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”
Richard Branson

The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust is a great place to work – hardworking students, outstanding behaviour, research based teaching, committed staff and excellent facilities. We believe that a successful school is founded upon communication and team work and so staff contributions are essential in helping us move our schools forward. We recognise the importance of being heard and feeling valued and are relentless in our quest to ensure that our teachers are supported during their time in The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust.

Here are some of the ways, already established, recently introduced or planned, which makes The Four Stones Multi Academy Trust an excellent place to work.

For further information on how we are working to reduce workload, please see Tackling workload to improve wellbeing.

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