Our Vision

Supporting successful futures

At King Charles I School we all work together to enable students to aim high, fulfill their potential and achieve their very best.

We are proud of our academic ethos and the character development of teamwork, leadership, resilience and challenge that comes from teaching an academic curriculum and holding students to our high expectations. We believe that every student naturally learns to collaborate, solve problems and be creative without the need for explicit instruction and so we concentrate our time in helping students become more intelligent by increasing the quantity and quality of what they know. An increase in intelligence is likely to lead to increases in health and happiness, among other things.

The achievement of our students is paramount but we also know all our students as individuals. We are unapologetically ambitious for every student, no matter what their background, prior attainment or needs. We take great pride in developing relationships between students, staff and families, in order that we can ensure that success is desirable, demanded and achievable. This striving for success is exemplified in our ambition of ‘supporting successful futures’. Our core aim is to help students achieve their best and so access university or a high-powered alternative.

We complement our academic curriculum with an extensive enrichment programme. From after school clubs to international trips, we give our students access to the cultural literacy to enable them to fully participate in adult educated life.

We operate with a strict approach to discipline because we care and it ensures our students develop the habits that will be necessary to be successful independent adults. We expect the best for all our students because to expect anything less would be unacceptable. Our students are a credit to us and we are very proud of their example. They are able to learn in calm, purposeful classrooms.

At King Charles I School the culture is that we care about our school, we respect others and we do our best and we expect our students to:

  • work hard and do their school work to the best of their ability;
  • get involved in all that the school has to offer both in and out of the classroom;
  • attend school punctually, every day and in full school uniform; and
  • show respect and courtesy to those around them and to our school.

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King Charles I School
Comberton Road, Kidderminster,
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