Year 11 into 12 Bridging Tasks

If you are planning to stay at King Charles I School, we want you to be as prepared as possible. We are very concerned that some year 11 students could go 20 weeks without completing any study and this could be a disadvantage in the long term. Therefore, our teachers have compiled tasks that will prepare give you a taste of what study within a subject will be like. In addition, it will allow you to prepare the appropriate foundations to begin studying effectively in September 2020.

We would like you to complete the bridging tasks for each of your chosen A Levels.  If you have time you can complete others that may be of interest to you. The programmes are set out to be completed in your own time but over approximately 10 weeks with roughly 4 hours of study per week for each programme. This would mean you would be completing about 16 hours of work every week, in order to prepare effectively for Year 12 in September 2020. The task should be completed and submitted to your link teacher by Thursday 20th August for when you get your results.

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